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BüroThe office is by the river,middle of Zermatt.from the trainstation up the mainstreet and  close the Hotel Pollux you turn left.follow the street to the river and the first building right is the Haus Montana.  ( Bachstrasse 8 )

dear flying friends of Zermatt,after more than 20 years of Paragliding with the same Prices,we saw that the avarage Prices of Switzerland are about 30% higher than here in Zermatt.as the cablecars are not ceap here,we will lift up the Prices about 15% from july ! Early Birds Flight with Reduction !

Rothorn is open now !

Rothorn – Zermatt Fr. 220.-

Rothorn – Findeln Fr. 190.-

Klein Matterorn / Matterhorn Paradise

biggest Tandemflight in Switzerland

Klein Matterhorn – Zermatt Fr.380.-


Schwarzsee – Zermatt Fr. 170.-

Pictures& Videos Fr. 40.-


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Come fly with us and experience for yourself the freedom and exhilaration of paragliding! Our tandem pilots are some of the most experienced in the alps, and will show you a unique experience among some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery.

Our primary focus has always been on the safety and comfort of our passengers and students. Our reputation of 30 safe years and over 20,000 accident-free tandem flights speaks for itself. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique opportunity!
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Pictures & Videos micro sd-card with adapter USB ! Sfr. 40.-


1 min compressed flight’ pics. — Click “>play” to take off and have fun 🙂